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Why more and more people choose to shop wood floor?

Date: 2016-08-11   Hits: 913
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With the accelerating pace of modern life, more and more people's mental stress, exposure to the day we want to have a particular Surrounded by nature desire among reinforced concrete. In the case of human time and effort disallowed, close to nature with style decorated room is definitely a good way. More and more people began to choose from a variety of different types of wooden floors to decorate their own world.


From the beginning of the pursuit of natural foot, the pursuit of quality of life of people choose wooden floors, which may be justified, because the wooden floor has the following advantages:


1, natural beauty
Trees absorb the essence of the sun, Earth's guardian. Wood is a natural, "green", the pollution itself. Some of the wood itself has an aromatic tincture, can release a wholesome aroma. And the wood are easy degradable substances, waste floors easily absorbed by the soil consumptive. A variety of wood has a different ring, textures, can pose a variety of beautiful picture, giving a return to nature, getting back to basics feel.


2, light and supple
Light wood floor quality, and thus transport, the laying is very convenient. Although the wood floor gives a visual to tough feeling, all it has strong flexibility, giving a soft feel in use. Many martial arts use wood floor, because wood and human impact resistance than other soft materials, beneficial to human health, protection of the elderly and children to live safe.


3, adjustable temperature and humidity
The timber itself will "breathe", it can absorb moisture in the air and can evaporate moisture, which can maintain the temperature of the environment in the body feel comfortable range. At the same time due to the thermal conductivity of wood is small, so it has good material as the floor thermostat role, especially in the cold winter, the activities of people in the household will not feel stiff legs, not like laminate flooring as step up feel cold of. Wood is also not easy thermal conductivity, thermal insulation performance is lower than a lot of concrete.


4, durability
High-quality wood flooring for a long life, because the processing of seismic timber and corrosion resistance through science and technology is not inferior to other construction materials, there are many famous old buildings through thousands of years of wind and rain still stands as ever, many wooden boat before long soak in the water to still strong.


5, environmental protection
Due to its natural wood taken from, no radioactive, it does not contain formaldehyde, so the human body without any harm.

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