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Against rainy days, home moisture coup

Date: 2016-07-15   Hits: 780
Tags: Household moisture

When the dog days of heavy rains hit the city, home how moisture mold? Rainy, humid home to many people a headache, home moisture there is no good method?
Modern home life, more and more people chose to use wood floor in the hot and humid summer, wood moisture should be how? Natural wood flooring for the case of tidal water expands, even the best wood absorbency, can not withstand long-term exposure to water. Therefore, when cleaning the floor to keep the floor dry, do not rinse with plenty of water to avoid flooding local long-term floor. If the floor no serious bagging situation, whether it is solid wood flooring or laminate flooring, wipe the surface of the water-soaked, ventilated dry. If the wood floor in bagging squeeze bifida; parquet wood surface layer delamination wrinkling, thickening strengthen stratified flooring was soaked, these cases can not be repaired, we need to replace a bad floor was soaked.
Kitchen area is the focus of the work of mildew proof, these two places in wet conditions likely to mold students, especially the kitchen as the most important. Focus on kitchen and bathroom walls and damp kitchen cabinet, the space is home to most of the local water, so the moisture from the start with the purchase of building materials. Cabinet optional non-absorbent material particleboard, try to use the wall tiles, paving to do when soaked in water treatment, to prevent the hollowing phenomenon Stones. Particular attention is not a long time to put a wet mop and rag in the bathroom, kitchen and they are not only to bring more moisture, but also easy to breed bacteria, the use of such a mop and rags in the living room, easily lead to respiratory diseases and skin diseases.
Cozy bedroom carpet brings more comfort and warmth, but in the rainy season, it is also the hardest hit damp. It can be covered with a layer of water-absorbent tissue better under the carpet, if the long rainy season, the best way is before the rainy season, and quickly cleaned and dried. In a sunny day and after rain, you can put inside the bedroom bedding, mattresses, sun drying out, it can also open the wardrobe and other furniture, ventilation, indoor humidity to a minimum.

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