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Using bamboo flooring moisture bagging solve problems

Date: 2016-08-11   Hits: 806
Tags: Charcoal moisture

Wood floor moisture-proof anti Alice is indeed a big problem, many of my friends have home floor cracks and moldy produce, worse, there will be erosion of termites and other borers, mainly because of the ridge of damp and mildew caused by deformation, thereby greatly affecting the life of wooden floors. Charcoal can be moisture in the laying of the floor can put some in, the effect is still very good.


1, the floor can be maintained in good humidity. Not too wet due to moisture absorption and moisture mildew charcoal dual role of (two-way humidity control), you can make use of the floor in the long winter does not dry the floor when there is moisture; in the rainy season, this effect is more significant.


2, bamboo charcoal can be used to inhibit harmful microbes, fungi, mites, cockroaches, termites growth, laying the bamboo floor after long-term erosion from termites and other borers.


3, it can improve the overall indoor environment, adjust the indoor humidity, and the release of negative oxygen ions.


4, can be directly toxic residual gas adsorption floor after renovation.

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