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Laminate flooring how maintenance?

Date: 2016-04-10   Hits: 689
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After the purchase and installation of laminate flooring, some with nearly a decade is still as good as new, and some only in 2023 "service" has a history of "flaws" is full, the secret of which lies in the "maintenance" word.


First, the installation is complete after 24 hours to minimize the move, at least 48 hours to move into the rear weight;
Second, in laying of floor area, not volume heavy weight of furniture symmetrically placed, so as not to affect the freedom of the floor stretching;
Third, should not drag when moving furniture, iron furniture legs should not be used in direct contact with the wood floor surface; cushion can be added in place of contact with the floor and chairs stool etc: in order to reduce the degree of friction of the floor;
Fourth, the indoor humidity is maintained at 40 to 70%. When the indoor humidity is less than 40%, should take appropriate measures humidification; When the indoor humidity is greater than 70%: humidity and ventilation should take appropriate measures;
Five, please shut doors and windows when you go out to the floor to prevent rain water and direct sunlight. If it gets water on the floor, should be wiped clean;
RECOMMENDATIONS placing a rub at the door mat, sand, etc. in order to reduce wear and tear on the floor;
Seven, do not use sandpaper or floor surface paint;
Eight, when cleaning the floor, drag swab with a vacuum cleaner or a slightly damp cloth wrung floor along the direction of laying. Shall wash with water;
Nine, to remove stains from the floor should be properly, not with a hard object like iron blade surface. Special pollution Wipe with a mild neutral detergent and water wet, not use steel wool or acid, alkali and other chemical solvents to clean the floor.

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