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Floor waxing method of analysis, both to save money and maintenance

Date: 2016-05-10   Hits: 772
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Now many owners will put their home floor waxing, the purpose is to carry out maintenance, it is possible to extend the life of the floor. Do you know the floor waxing way? How to save money and waxing to maintain it?


Waxing ground analysis of the material:

Hard surface such as granite, marble, terrazzo flooring with twice hit bottom surface wax and wax method will receive good results, but waxing and glazed porcelain tiles are generally not good, very easy to fall off.


Soft ground such as rubber flooring, PVC flooring material, wood flooring, laminate flooring. For these wood floor waxing, it is best to use clean high-gloss wax construction, do not polished.


Floor waxing steps:
Clean up the ground garbage and debris, construction signs erected;
With a mild detergent with the washing machine to clean the ground;
With a dry towel to dry the floor or wait until it dry naturally
Wait until the ground dried, and its surface uniform waxing;
Floor waxing analysis method saves money and maintenance
Wait until the wax surface completely dry, with high-speed polishing machine with polishing pad to polish the surface of uniform brightness can be.
Waxing and polishing the surface, bright and clean, good special effects and feel.


Floor waxing considerations:
Waxing Wax Pu construction to more the better, the more uniform the better.
Wax between 5 degrees - 40 degrees works best.

Note: every 3-6 months or so to play a wax, you can keep the floor long-term appearance.

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